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Wichitans demand a ceasefire by Israel in Gaza

About 30 people protested outside of Senator Pat Roberts' office.
Steve Otto

Three members of the Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas confronted members of Senator Pat Roberts’ staff at his Wichita office, early Monday afternoon.
“We call for an immediate ceasefire,” said Laura Tillem, as she and three others met with Tamara Woods, an office staff person. “This is what we called for in the last massacre. What happens is that Israel breaks the ceasefire.”
Tillem said the Palestinians get frustrated and fire rockets.
“Those rockets are like toys,” she added.
Gaza militants fired close to 100 rockets since yesterday, according to Fox News. In all of those rockets only one Israeli has died since yesterday. On the Palestinian side health officials say 194 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,400 over the past week.
She explained that the policies of Israel amount to ethnic cleansing and that has been going on for many years.
“The 2012 ceasefire had two parts,” Tillem insisted. “There was the actual ceasefire and they were supposed to lessen the blockade.”
Also as of today, there is no ceasefire anywhere in site.
Tillem explained that the people of Gaza are trapped because of the blockade. They also can’t leave that area. They have a hard time getting work, getting the food supplies they need and movement of any kind is nearly impossible. The casualties are high because the Palestinians have nowhere to go when they are attacked.
Tillem pointed out that the US has given Israel $130 billion. She said they have so much military weapons and hardware now that they just don’t need any more.
“The money could be spent here at home at a time when many Americans are suffering economicly,” she added.
Tillman also complained that Israel has been killing Hamas Police.
“How are they going to police what people do in their country if Israel attacks their police,” “They want Hamas to control what their militants do—how are they going to do that without police?” Tillem said. “(Benjamin) Netanyahu knows what he needs to do.”
Woods took notes during the meeting. She said she can’t officially comment on the questions but she promised she would get back with us with some answers in the next few days.
While this group talked to Roberts’ staff inside about 30 people demonstrated outside his office with signs demanding a ceasefire in Israel.

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