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Wichita State Shockers don't get jinxed

Sure it's click it or ticket in Kansas and no jaywalking or talking on your cell phone. If there is any law that you should familiarize yourself with, it's the jinx.


"So, this is the deal, right? If we say the same thing at the same time, I get to say jinx. And that means you can't talk until I say your name. If you do talk, I get to punch your arm. OK? So don't look all hurt and angry when I punch you. You broke a jinx, you deserve it. Consider this posting a formal notice, served to the world." Jon Blyth-

You don't even have to be a college sports fan to know what is going on with the Shocker streak.

"The men’s basketball team, which heads into Wednesday’s game against Loyola with a 27-0 record, is on one of two regional Sports Illustrated covers this week, with the headline “Go Ahead, Try to Jinx Us.”

Twitter reports @bradgarycurtis 2/19/14, 11:41 AM

"I think Wichita State just got jinxed for being on the cover of SI"

Jinx is self sabotage, psychological and occurs when you overthink things too much.

Participation points +5: Tell of a time you jinxed or got jinxed. Call 316-778-0260 and leave your response. We will use it on the show.

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