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Wichita Kansas man entrapped by FBI bomb sting

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By now the whole nation has heard of Terry Lee Loewen of Wichita, an avionics technician at Mid-Continent Airport who tried to set off a car bomb only to learn he was set up by the FBI.
On the surface it looks like this man was a terrorist just waiting to set off a bomb. But many people, even here in Wichita that I have talked to are beginning to question the amount of effort the FBI spent on this one man. According to The Wichita Eagle, Loewen never knew how to make explosives until he met an FBI agent.
The agent told him he just came back from overseas. He said he had been in contact with al Qaeda members.
The FBI noticed Loewen visiting the website Inspire magazine which is put out by al-Qaeda affiliates. This appears to be the main reason they started an investigation.
The Wichita Eagle reported that U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom told some students, during an event at Wichita State University, in May, that anyone who visits an “extremist group” website, such as Inspire magazine, will be on their list of suspects. He warned students not to go to that website.
This raises serious questions as to why FBI agents are spying on people based on the websites they visit. Surely many people read that website because they are curious as to why these people do what they do. Others maybe do academic research. Apparently all these would-be readers risk becoming a target of FBI snooping. Using such tactics seems lazy and unimaginative for a police agency that is supposed to be highly sophisticated.
The FBI contacted Loewen in early October. They claim he helped them build a bomb. Just how much did they teach this guy about bomb building? How much of the planning was done by the FBI agents? How far would this have gone if they FBI just left him alone?
He did have airport security so a real bomber would have loved his help. But as some of my friends and relatives in this area have said, ‘he probably would have just dropped the idea if he had been left alone.’ The FBI could have continued to monitor what he did just in case, but they didn’t need to set him up like they did.
Politicians all over Kansas have congratulated the FBI over their entrapment bust. Our “not too bright” Governor Sam Brownback praised law enforcement for this setup. Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo, as with other typical Republicans, said this was a “threat we continue to face.”
Loewen was not to smart in this matter. For years the FBI has been carrying on these stings and he didn’t notice that it was the very same scenario the FBI has been using over and over since 9/11.
His plan to kill “as many people as possible” was very cold blooded. Here is a Letter from the editor of Inspire magazine that was posted at the very website where Loewen got his inspiration;

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.
All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the Universe and may His
peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad and
whoever follows in his footsteps. To proceed:
Americans, you should understand this simple equation: as you
kill you will be killed. The war is yet to cease, it has barely started.
Yesterday it was Baghdad, today it is Boston. The question of
'who and why' should be kept aside. You should be asking,
"Where is next?"
The act of the two great brothers, Tamerlan and Dzokhar, is but the
true image reflected by the bloody deeds of your hands, reflected
by the oppressive policies of your downtrodding regimes.
The peace you enjoyed before September 11 is merely just part of
history. In other words, you will never enjoy peace until we live it
practically in Palestine and all the infidel forces leave the Peninsula
of Muhammad ﷺ and all other Muslim lands.

Notice these people gave us an explanation as to why they are intentionally and randomly trying to kill us. It’s a straight up “eye for eye and tooth for tooth.”
And the FBI should spend more time looking for real bombers, such as the Boston bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Those two built their own bombs (without FBI support) and worked without looking for outside help.



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