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Wichita Falls police officer saves life of woman in coma and retirees honored

Wichita Falls Police Department....honored retirees and life saver yesterday.
Wichita Falls Police Department....honored retirees and life saver yesterday.
Wichita Falls Police Department

A Wichita Falls police officer saved the life of a woman who went into a diabetic coma recently and was awarded the Life Saving Certificate and Bar yesterday Thursday, Aug. 28 by the Wichita Falls Police Department. Officer Logan Riley on April 19, 2014, received a report that a female in Wichita Falls, Texas was unresponsive.

He quickly repsonded and found a woman who was unresponsive. After evaluating the situation, Riley started CPR. After the police officer wisely administered seveeral rounds of CPR the female started breathing again. She was rushed to the hospital wehre it was determined she had experienced a diabetic coma and stopped breathing. She was expected to make a complete recovery.

At the same ceremony longtime detective Tony Fox was honored as he retired after serving the citizens of Wichita Falls 25 years and nine days. Fox worked as an officer from August 22, 1989 until August 31, 2014. He also worked on many of the highest profile cases in Wichita Falls during that span as an investigator. In his latter years he worked on solving many cold cases which are the most difficult since the passage of time frequently dims the memories of witnesses. Fox followed in his father Leroy Fox's footsteps. His dad had also been a first rate investigator for many years before Tony picked up his mantle. Fox will long be remembered with gratitude by victims and family members of victims whose cases he solved.

Other respected officers honored at the ceremony included David Hoard and Douglas Tidwell. Hoard joined the ranks of the retired after serving the people of Wichita Falls for 25 years and one month. Hoard worked from May 12, 1976 until April 15, 1977 and again from August 27, 1990 until August 31, 2014.

Tidwell retired from the WFPD after serving from June 13, 1988 until April 30, 2014 as an officer. He served the community for 25 years and 10 months.

Valerie "Penny" Rhodes also retired from her position as public safety dispatcher at the same ceremony. She was employed with the department for 25 years and three months and worked from August 22,1989 until August 31, 2014.

Chief of Police Manuel Borrego was present at the ceremonies and shook hands with each of the honorees.

The citizens of Wichita Falls should appreciate the many lives saved and positively affected by the law enforcement people honored at this ceremony. There is not enough money available to adequately recompense them for the dedicated service they have provided the community over the past quarter century.

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