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Wichita Falls man sentenced for sexual abuse of child

Raymond Slagle sentenced
Raymond Slagle sentenced

A 66 year old Wichita Falls man was sentenced to three life sentences and two 20-year sentences yesterday (Wednesday, June 11) by a Wichita County jury one day after they convicted him on five cases having to do with sexual assaults on two females, according to an article in the Wichita Falls Times Record News today, Thursday, June 12. Raymond Slagle was sentenced to the maximum prison time for three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact extending over six years.

First Assistant District Attorney John Gillespie said following the verdict that, "The jury made our community safer by putting away this child molester and giving him the maximum sentence. They sent a strong message that our community will not tolerate, excuse, or ignore child rape. And, thatt hose who prey upon children will find themselves locked up and the key thrown awy."

The defendant was convicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and sentenced to three life sentences for those charges. He was convicted of two counts of indecency with a child and sentenced to maximum punishments of 20 years on those offenses.

There was an emotional scene between the defendant and his wife and a son prior to Wichita County deputies placing Slagle in handcuffs. He experienced his last few moments of freedom and then the deputies escorted him to the jail located in the courthouse.

Defense attorney Jeff Eaves said that while he still believed in the United States court system as being the best in the world, he was nonetheless disappointed in the sentences. He asked for shorter sentences and probation where available.

Prosecutors John Gillespie and Grace Pandithurai called the two victims to the stand to testify during the trial in front of 30th District Court Judge Bob Brotherton. Brotherton followed the recommendation of the jurors and sentenced the defendant to the life sentences.

Pandithurai told the jurors to consider how the sexual abuse caused the victim pain. She further asked the twelve citizens in the jury box to consider how uncomfortable it made the victim feel when she was was molested every morning of the last week of her sixth-grade year.

Eaves argued during the defense phase that the failure of the victim to mention a mole on his client's penis weakened the state's case. He also noted there was not scientific evidence connecting his client to the crimes.

Gillespie countered by arguing the first victim's credibility is supported by the fact a second victim came forward.

Gillespie also heaped praise on the jurors for returning maximum sentences on all five counts, saying they made the right decision. He and Pandithurai argued during the punishment phase yesterday that there were inconsistencies in the defendant's testimony that damaged his credibility.

Gillespie argued that Slagle's friends and supporters probably don't see how he is at home and didn't have the full picture. His remarks were in reponse Eaves calling five witnesses during the punishment phase including two former bosses, two fellow church members and the church pastor.

Gillespie quoted form the Bible in response to the defense witnesses, saying, "In the sermon on the mountain Jesus warns about wolves in sheep's clothing as people who look like Christians."

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