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Wichita Falls man receives 35-year reservation in Texas prison system

Wichita County Courthouse....Wichitan sentenced to 35 years in prison here.
Wichita County Courthouse....Wichitan sentenced to 35 years in prison here.
Wichita County

A Wichita Falls man received a reservation for an all-expense paid stay for 35 years in the Texas prison system last Friday in the 30th District Court, according to an article in the Wichita Falls Times Record News newspaper Saturday, June 7. Christopher James Macon Vining, 20, was the recipient of free room and board in the penitentiary after he pleaded guilty in 30th District Court to aggravated sexual assault.

He will also receive a free trip on one of Texas finest upholstered buses to either Huntsville or one of the many other many facilities available to guests of the Lone Star State.

Vining, who was indicted on four counts of aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year old boy, also will be required to register as a sex offender.

Child Protective Services and Patsy's House were involved in the investigation along with the Wichita Falls Police Department. Affidavits revealed the victim told another person about the sexual acts. After receiving information relevant to the investigation, Child Protective Services contacted Patsy's House on Oct. 2, 2013.

During the course of the investigation it was alleged that the 12-year old was the victim of several acts of deviant sexual intercourse involving Vining in July 2013. Vining reportedly later admitted to law enforcement detectives that he engaged in deviant sexual intercourse with the victim three other times.

By law, Vining will receive credit for the 247 days he has previously spent residing in the Wichita County Jail.

Manuel Borrego is chief of the Wichita Falls Police Department.

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