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WIC Program for Maryland


Photo: Ivan Prole/SXC

A woman is working two jobs and struggling to find money for nutritional groceries so she can have a healthy pregnancy and give her unborn baby a good start in life. The WIC Program was literally designed for her, but she knows nothing about the program and thinks it is only for little kids.

Another mom has 4 kids under five years of age and lost her job. As she struggles to find new employment, she worries about feeding her kids the right foods. They need god nutrition to help their brains grow. She is pretty sure she still doesn't qualify for help, so doesn't look into the Maryland WIC Program.

WIC, which stands for women, infants and children, is a program that was created to help children grow up to be strong and healthy. Families that qualify receive help to get milk, eggs and other nutrient rich foods.

The income a person can make to qualify for WIC is surprisingly high. Single people can make a bit over $20,000 and still meet the requirement. A mom with several children can make quite a bit more and still will qualfy financially.

If you have children under the age of five and are having trouble affording healthy food, please check out the WIC Program. Good nutrition at an early age has been linked to cognitive development in many studies, which means WIC can help you give your child the ability to learn more readily.