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WI schools teaches conservatism, Reagonomics to blame for cynicism in nation

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan
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At least they aren’t blaming George W. Bush (although his father, as vice president under Ronald Reagan, gets a dishonorable mention). Weasel Zippers notes that students studying American history in Prescott, Wis., are the latest to be indoctrinated by the left-leaning educational cartel.

The father of one student posted a reading assignment handed out to his daughter’s class on Monday at SIGForum. The text, which appears in the photos here and here, includes this “fact”:

Reagonomics latched onto supply-side economics, better known as trickle-down theory — the dubious idea that tax cuts for the wealthy and for big businesses would stimulate the economy.

As a result, the writers explain, “The gap between rich and poor was higher than at any time since the Great Depression.”

There is also an interesting application of the term redistribution: “The 1980s began a massive redistribution of wealth back to the wealthy.” How is allowing the wealthy to keep more of the money they earn in the first place a form of redistribution? The writers never explain this bit of pernicious propaganda, but they do reach an interesting conclusion:

Small wonder that American faith in democracy soured into cynicism. Election turnout plunged. The center could not hold. Idealism fled from politics. A downward spiral of disillusionment accelerated.

Too bad the assignment doesn’t extend to the present day, a period of history that one could easily encapsulate using the exact same paragraph quoted above.

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