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Wi-Fi available where?

Did you know you could get online there?
Did you know you could get online there?
Photo by Cassandra Daniels

Have you been out with your laptop or notebook wanting to use the internet but can't find a place? You’ve checked out the regular locations like the library and the café shops but they are packed with other laptop toting persons. Where else can you go? Here are five places in Indianapolis that you might not have thought about when wanting to get online?

When you think of the MCL restaurant, you might think of a few things. It tends to have more of elderly customers. They have great food but it’s a very hushed atmosphere that you could fall asleep in there after eating a big meal. This might lead you to not believe that they would have free Wi-fi. MCL restaurant in the Washington Square Mall now provides free Wi-fi and this place is suitable for the person who likes peace and quiet while searching the net. It’s like the library with food!

Have you ever been getting new tires but feeling impatient from the wait? Tire Barn on 10103 E Washington St. now gives you options while waiting for your car to be worked on. You can read magazines, watch local television, stare aimlessly into space or surf the net. Due to the small space provided for the customers, this place might be more fitting for the persons who have iPods and need an internet connection.

Chick-Fil-A has great milkshakes, chicken nuggets and now has added the access to the internet. You can enjoy your favorite sandwich such as the Chicken Salad sandwich or having fries with their signature Polynesian sauce, you can now eat and get online. One thing about Chick-Fil-A though, is that it might have a lot of children there. Some locations have play areas. If you don't mind a lot of kids, come to Chick-Fil-A for your internet fun.

For those of you who frequent McDonald’s, you might know that they do offer Wi-fi. Now for months, you have to either have a prepaid AT&T card or use a credit card to pay $2.95 for two hours of internet access. Very recently, when logging on, it will now ask you if you want to have free Wi-fi or pay. Now, I myself initially thought it was a scam. Why would anyone pay for something it it’s offered for free? Reluctantly, I clicked the free Wi-fi link and waited to see what happened. Fortunately, it connected me to the World Wide Web for FREE! It has the same type of plan. You will be online for two hours without getting charged for it. After the two hours have expired, your most current window will go back to the McDonald’s Wayport access page. If you want to get online again, do you have to pay? Happily, no. You will be posed with the same question and you can enjoy the internet again for another two more hours. I’m not exactly sure how long you can keep doing two hours at a time. If you can find an electric outlet and don’t mind the constant in and out of crying, giddy, overly excited children, you can enjoy the internet at McDonald's.

Has your boyfriend/husband ever wanted to watch sports in a bar with chicken wings and beer on one side and have you on the other? He thinks it’s a great idea but you’re not too excited about it. In fact, you could think a million and one things to do aside from that. If you have a laptop, try to talk him into going to Buffalo Wild Wings or BW3. They now offer free Wi-fi. While he’s cheering on the Cavs (Go Cleveland!) of the Pacers (Go Indy!), you could be on the internet tweeting to your girlfriends about how bored you are but love seeing him enjoy himself.

When looking for free Wi-fi areas, finding a comfortable spot in a library or a café might not happen for you. Consider a few of these places and go Internet surfing!



  • Steve Polston 5 years ago

    Great tips! I've found that Paradise Cafe at Greenwood Park Mall has free Wi-Fi and a great time is between breakfast and lunch. Their lunch crowd is gathering about 11:45 and can be quite loud until about 1:30 p.m., but in the mid-afternoon is sublime. Electrical outlets are on the walls next to the two "cozy booths" near the drink machines and on the cafe wall around which you find the two-top and four-tops and the tall round tables.

    Many churches have wirleess service for the regua]lar staff amd this might be a way to offer fellowship to people who are searching for asafe place to work and post to blogs.

    Under the Sun Cafe in Whiteland offers breakfast and lunch, plus worship on Sundays as well as many special events, Their Wi-Fi is always free. This is a great christian locale on the South Side between Greenwood and Franklin. -- Steve Polston, Indianapolis Outdoor Travel Examiner

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