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Why your packaging is everything: Beyond the beauty of the bottle

Why your packaging is everything: Beyond the beauty of the bottle
Why your packaging is everything: Beyond the beauty of the bottle
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Once upon a time, when this journalist worked for a large financial services firm – prior to my stint as an Examiner writer – I advised one of my coworkers of the importance of “wrapping up the product in a pretty package” to help encourage consumers to desire the contents. Never mind that the merchandise in that instance meant buying a new Victoria’s Secret get-up for Valentine’s Day to help her husband see her accustomed-to body through new eyes. The theory remains the same in business, especially if you’re looking for advice on launching your newly developed bottled beverage.

Getting your drink on: Focus on design, bottling and content

All of us fans of the reality TV show “Basketball Wives: LA” may have chuckled at Jackie Christie’s attempts to have a new signature liquor bottle designed to look like bodies embracing, but she was on the right track. However, beyond getting a gorgeous bottle designed, your main area of concentration should result in creating compelling, quality contents – and then relying on a knowledgeable manufacturing company to seal the deal, and your bottles, as it were.

“Our filling machines can be customized for any size or shape of bottle, giving you the flexibility to create distinctive products that will grab a customer’s attention,” says Dave Meheen of Meheen Manufacturing, a US-based manufacturer that possesses the technology to bottle a variety of beverage types quickly – up to 40 bottles per minute. This quick bottling process allows products to land on store shelves within a matter of weeks. That includes bottled water, beer, juice or other libations.

Capitalizing on the cold-pressed craze

Entrepreneurial minds can jump in on the desire to lose weight and be healthy that’s capturing our nation, and bring it to bear in a drink that combines all the basic elements of the trend. Green smoothies loaded with kale have grown into a $5 billion business, calories notwithstanding. Larger companies have swallowed up brands like Naked Juice and Odwalla in huge buyouts, so it follows suit that medium-sized firms and sole owner companies would bounce on the bandwagon.

In your gravy train lusting, what if you sought to create a fizzy smoothie concoction that melds the “clean energy” of the organic Amazonian guayusa Runa tea that Channing Tatum bragged about (and swears by for “Magic Mike” virility) with a yummier, more refreshing and sweeter taste? Well, your first step would be to ensure that the bottle you’re designing could hold up to the pressure of its contents – and that those contents are in fact FDA-approved.

Therefore, it’s much more important not to put the cart before the horse or let the tail wag the dog – but ensure that your carbonated beverage manufacturer can fill and cap the aluminum or glass bottles that hold your magnum opus in a manner that keeps it safe for consumption, and sleek for selling.

In the end, the winning combination of a solid design, a beautifully boss bottle, excellent ingredients and an expert bottling process could make you the next target of a large buyout.

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