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Why your favorite author might be stalking YOU.

Romance Novel
Romance Novel

It begins innocently enough. You read a book and fall in love with the author’s style. No problem. A search on Amazon shows she’s written four other books, which are quickly ordered and read.

Now what? You’ve read everything she’s written, but you want more.

You might be surprised to find that authors have come out from hiding in their secluded cabins and locked bedrooms to not only engage with their reading public, but to offer bonuses to their favored readers.


You who visited their website and signed up for the newsletter will be the first to see the latest bookcover, the first to read the first chapter before anyone else and the first to brag to your friends about what a great author you’ve found.

And that right there is the nugget of gold to an author. YOU, as their preferred reader, have announced to a friend(s) that you love their books. Whether via Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads, you are now part of that author’s tribe.

A tribe is a group of people who actively promote an author’s work. Say paranormal romance author Darynda Jones launches a new book. Sure it will be promoted through her website and Amazon and other book stores. But – as part of her loyal following – you would also tweet about how awesome you found the first chapter that you got to read because you were a loyal subscriber. You’d post on your Facebook page about the book and maybe even write a nice review on Amazon.

You’ve now just expanded that author’s reach to include your friends and followers. For a few hours spent on social media, your favorite author (with your help) is expanding her reach to like-minded readers.

If you have a favorite author, visit their website and their social media accounts. You might be surprised what kind of bonuses you can get (two free short stories from Nora Roberts!) when you become part of an author’s tribe.

It’s a win-win situation.

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