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Why you should watch 'Utopia', even if you hate reality shows

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The premiere of the newest reality show, "Utopia," will not be airing on Fox until Sept. 7. However, on Friday evening the "Utopia" live feeds went up. While most reality shows are pretty similar, this one strives to be different and it just might appeal to the masses, even those who typically hate reality television.

There are a few reasons why you should watch "Utopia," even if you hate reality shows. The first is because it is not focused on finding romance, brawling with housemates or winning money. Instead the reality TV series is centered on 15 individuals who will be creating a new society from scratch. This includes laws, religion, generating a food supply and the consequences for breaking the rules, once they establish them that is.

The second reason you should watch "Utopia" is because of the casting. Many reality TV shows have generally the same age group or types of people. This show decided that diversity was better. Not only are there different age groups, but everyone is different. Professionals like Aaron, Bri, Josh and Mike all the way to non-traditional workers such as a doomsday prepper and belly dancer. There is also Red, who is a handyman and moonshiner who spent more than a decade living off the grid. He has many useful skills, including natural medicine, farming, hunting and building. Red will definitely be very interesting to watch.

This isn't a reality show where one person can do everything. In fact there isn't even going to be a "winner." To create a new society everyone needs to work together and the more skills the group has, the better chance they have at succeeding. But things are not going to go smoothly. Expect personality clashes, chaos and disagreements.

Some people on Facebook and Twitter who have viewed the live feeds say that they are already being sucked in. What do you think about this show? Do you like the concept of "Utopia" and do you think it is different than other reality shows?