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Why you should stop dating "your type"

When you start talking to or dating someone new, you tend to be pretty hesitant when it comes to sharing that with the world. You worry about what your friends will think about that person. Are they really as attractive and smart and funny as you think they are? Or are your friends just going to swoop right in and bust that bubble of bliss??? When friends and family finally weigh in on your new boo, one common comment is "He/she is not your type". And the funny thing is, after they say that, they really expect you to end it! But sometimes, you really should just stop dating your type!

Step out on a limb and try something new! Stop dating your type.
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Your type hasn't been working for you in the past (clearly!). If you are still single and ready to mingle, that means, what you've been doing hasn't been working. So maybe it's okay that the person you're dating now doesn't fit the mold of your exes. That's a good thing! They weren't the right fit for you, so why would you want to keep dating the same type of person if you already know that doesn't work?

You should never box yourself into one certain type of person. Date outside the box. If you are still single and ready to mingle, maybe you should explore your options and try something new for a change. You don't have to stay in this cookie cutter mold of who you you think you should be with. Open yourself up to the possibilities of love.

Maybe it's actually their "type". Maybe what they are calling "your type" is really the type of person they would like you to be with. We all have these images of the type of person we think our loved ones should be with, the type of person we think they deserve. But the truth is, everyone just has to be with the person they want to be with. We can't hand-pick significant others for our friends and family. And you should never allow a friend or family member to pressure you into being with someone just because they think they're "your type".

At some point, maybe your "standards" just became a long list of limitations. If you really write out your "type", the list is probably entirely too long. You call yourself having standards, but those standards are really just limitations on what you can have and what God can give you. Don't block your blessing! The person you're meant to be with probably won't come in the perfect package you've built up in your head, but they will definitely be perfect for you.

What do you think? Is dating your type really just dating the same wrong person over and over again?

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