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Why You Should Set Health Goals for Yourself

Setting short term and long term goals are very important in any endeavor you may choose to do.

Setting short term goals help you achieve the prize you want easier and faster than not having any goals at all.

You can talk to any muli-millionaire and he/she should tell you that goal setting is a major factor in getting where they are today financially.

Speak to any health guru and he/she will tell you that goal setting is a great way to get what you want physically.

Short term goals can be set for weekly or monthly plans. You need to set your goal as weight loss of 2 pounds per week. This small goal will be much easier to reach than trying to loose 10 pounds per week.

A 2 pound a week goal is obtainable and very realistic, where a 10 pound goal can and have been reached it is not a healthy goal and with a weight loss of 10 pound in one week you might be setting yourself up for failure even if you reach the goal loosing that much weight that fast can turn around and bite you in the bum by adding rebound weight of the 10 plus more pounds back on.

A realistic one month goal would be a weight loss of 8 to 10 pounds and can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Positive thinking can get you far in this world. Thinking positively about everything you do will help you live a healthier happier life.

You can also set exercise goals such as walking 1 mile per day, or 3 miles per week or 10 miles per month. These are all obtainable goals for a new exerciser.

Setting long term goals for 6 months and 1 year are a healthy way to help you keep your short term goals.

A 6 month long term goal of weight loss of 24 to 48 pounds is obtainable and very realistic.

1 year goal of 50 to 96 pound weight loss and walking a mile per day is a very realistic goal.

Your goals can always be changed and eventually you will have to up the anti and add more to your health goals. Write or type out where you want to be in 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year from now, this list should be placed where you will see it every day and it will remind you of where you can be in the very near future if you only put your mind to it.

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