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Why You Should See the Movie "NOAH"

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UK Premier
Photo by Dave J Hogan

The movie "Noah" is getting extreme flack from the Christian community about being directed by an atheist and not being biblically based - by being about a bible story alone its base comes from the Bible. Also, I'm hearing that God isn't mentioned at all. God isn't mentioned at all in the book of Esther either. He who has ears let him hear! My beloveds, because sometimes God is silent but the fact remains that His majesty is apparent throughout all of creation! Everything in creation points back to the Creator (who IS mentioned in the movie). I want this to be an opportunity - instead of bashing the movie for not being 100% accurate (at the end of the trailer it says that creative license was taken but the movie was inspired by the story of Noah in the bible and even tells people the story can be found in the book of Genesis). Let's go see it to have an honest conversation with our nonbeliever friends who ARE going to see this movie! This is a call for you to be EFFECTIVE in this world! In a full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times, the makers of the movie recommend you read the biblical account of Noah’s story in the Bible App. The YouVersion app has reported so many downloads! It's getting people's attention. I believe God will use ALL things for His glory! I came to Christ through a book series - it happens different ways for different people. I urge you, believers, to not be so closed off that you miss an opportunity to witness. Let the director who is bragging that this movie is the "least biblical film ever made" be a vehicle for bringing attention to God! Let this be an opportunity! Be blessed! Check out the trailer below: