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Why you should own your content and not just count on Social Media

We all love our Social Media Outlet of choice, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, but what we often forget is:

We are just renting if it's not our website!

Those 4 Girls "is largely a women's community, but we accept and encourage all of our Gentlemen friends to join in the fun. The community is all about support, growth and empowerment. If you stopped in and joined us, we encourage you to engage and participate with us! We are a pretty active community and we collaborate and network well!"

These ladies have set out to educate, empower, and exhilarate women and solopreneurs. Next to "bring Your Naked Face", a non-public "webinar" that focuses around getting you comfortable on camera and live Hangouts, t4g also has a weekly show with varying topics.

This specific show focused around the topic of owning your content, and that the only way you really "own" your content and followers, is having a website.

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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