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Why you should not believe Men’s Fitness drinking and partying will give you abs

By implying to a younger demographic that “drinking and partying will give you abs,” Men’s Fitness is downright irresponsible and egregious.
By implying to a younger demographic that “drinking and partying will give you abs,” Men’s Fitness is downright irresponsible and egregious.
Men's Fitness

Part of the responsibility of being a leader is a clear understanding of whom you’re impressing upon. And, the assignment of any role of authority, whether or not they asked for it, comes with a duty to provide guidance that is not only helpful, but wise.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (MTV’s The Jersey Shore) is on the cover of Men’s Fitness December/January 2011. His bewildered look, notwithstanding, Men’s Fitness chose to draw (more?) attention to this dubious role model’s torso by implying in BOLD, ALL CAPS, that you can “DRINK, PARTY AND GET ABS LIKE THESE!” with a red arrow pointing at Sorrentino’s abdomen.

True, this sounds like a statement this character might very well utter (for the camera). Whether or not he believes it, is anyone’s guess. But the readers of Men’s Fitness magazine will.

According to Men’s Fitness, Sorrentino is “serious about his fitness routine.” The magazine’s website bullet-lists Sorrentino’s alleged suggestions for six pack abs, in “The Situation’s 8-Fit Rules.” All are true, none are unique. So what exactly do these suggestions have to do with drinking and partying? Other than bullet number eight, “give yourself one cheat day,” this list seems contradictory to what the cover headline screams. And what any cover headline is meant to do is sell magazines.

Pierce Mattie Public Relations, responded to my Twitter post on this issue by insinuating that they are targeting a demographic, “don’t most of their models drink and party?” As a matter of fact, Men’s Fitness magazine's readership demographic (according to the American Media Inc. website) are men with “a median age of 35.5,” boasting that they cater to “one of the youngest readerships in the male category.”

Considering that the magazine recently filed for bankruptcy protection, perhaps their true readership target is irrelevant (now). Assuming it is, then this is all about sales. So what’s next, “Drink Beer for Bulging Biceps,” “Help Your Heart, Have a Heineken”?

By implying to a younger demographic that “drinking and partying will give you abs,” Men’s Fitness is downright irresponsible and egregious. Here’s what excessive drinking could give you: impaired judgment (think unsafe sex, drunk driving), loss of sleep (and work), possibly liver poisoning (alcohol contains methanol and ethanol) and long term effects that include brain injury. But, heck, according to Men’s Fitness, and by association, "The Situation," do it; after all, it’ll give you abs.

See the Men’s Fitness magazine with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on the cover here.


  • G.S. 4 years ago

    Obviously to sell magazines.

  • cdpaz 4 years ago

    Oh wow! I havent even seen this new Mens Fitness Mag. To keep it real, GENETICS are a real key part in this. Maybe THE SITUATION can get away with all this and look like that, but it doesnt work for everyone. The article probably does have generic/COMMON SENSE advice that any gym rat already knows, I just hvent read it. Even in Body Building Mags like MD, the PROS tell these guys that what works for them might not work for you, so dont do as i do so to say.

    But even when i go out to the club, some of these guys are huge and fit. You gotta wonder what else they putting in the "Shots" of PATRON the take =-)

  • Jared 4 years ago

    "The Situation" is nothing but a joke with his 2-pack abs. It's sad to see Men's Fitness go to such a low level just to try to sell a magazine. Some people will see it on the stands and buy it out of the curiosity of how all the partying and drinking could get you abs.

    In reality anyone in shape and that actually has abs stays away from the drinking and partying as they know it will have a negative effect on their body. There is a reason they call it a "beer belly".

  • Evan C 4 years ago

    You raise a good point. I think the magazine like all magazines that are out there used him on the cover because of his popularity. I clicked the link and it's not really a big story that putting a celebrity on the cover will make. Really it is just to sell magazines. What will happen will be people thinking just that you can drink and party and have abs like the Situation from Jersey Shore.

  • Terry 4 years ago

    I am just plain tired of the "Situation" (and, yes, I have a better body then him so I'm not jealous, seriously!) I'm just tired of the entire 'Jersey' crew. And the 'Situation"? He's a 'butterface.'
    I love giving opinions, I've got hundreds.
    Is somebody not editing what I'm saying here???

  • Profile picture of Suzanna Aaring
    Suzanna Aaring 4 years ago

    If the caption had read "Turn Beer into Muscle" it would have at least been funny.

  • Dean 4 years ago

    Just a nonsensical thing to say from a nonsensical person who should not be on tv. The magazine is a "sell out"

  • Gregg Avedon 4 years ago

    The bottom line is that this is not of integrity. You may have abs yet lead a life that is not within the allignment of health a wellness. In the end it will no doubt catch up with you. There are plenty of skinny people out there with 6-pack abs who develop diabetes, hypertension and heart disease from leading an unhealthy lifestyle. If you're going to be on the cover of a magazine trying the inspire others to action, YOU BETTER WALK THE TALK!

    Live a high integrity life,
    Gregg Avedon

  • Kasey 4 years ago

    Narcissism is a personality disorder: yeaahh…I think the “sitch-e-ation” has one. His Abs: Is that all there is?? :)

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