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Why you should never hire women and fire the ones you have

I like the one on the end
I like the one on the end
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If you're a women looking for a job it's best for any business to not hire you and if you already have a job it makes good sense to find a reason to fire you. This is the finding of a recent study by the John Talleos Institute of Women's Studies. John Talleos (me) studied new laws affecting business through the Affordable Care Act, better known as "Obamacare", then took time out to study women in general and concluded that Obamacare will make it difficult for women to get hired and in a separate unrelated finding discovered blondes don't necessarily have more fun.

Why is it a good idea to kick the girls onto the curb? Because they come with new laws that make demands on time at work and extra space thanks to new Obamacare regulations.

The new laws are demanding that the balancing-work-and-home-and-constantly-complaining-about-it-women must now have an extra break in the day with their own special room to pump breast milk or breastfeeding. Men aren't allowed in these rooms unless they're less than 15 months old or changed their gender and just want to wander around in a safe place environment.

Here's the silly little headline for this in Reuters "Working moms have new breastfeeding rights under the ACA". Because before Obamacare women didn't have breastfeeding rights and they were marching all over the place to get them, remember? The article is written by a Kathryn Doyle, a women who feels this is a milestone in the history of rights and women:

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees may be exempt from the break time law if it would be an “undue hardship,” causing difficulty or expense for the employer.

But the spirit of the law is to make this available for all working women...and it’s hard to imagine what difficulty or expense an employer would face.

However findings from the Talleos Institute contradicts this claim citing that when a person is not working this cost money and if that person is not working in a special room this also cost money. The Institute, using the methodology of common sense, claims that when the author of the article says it's "hard to imagine what difficulty or expense and employer would face" she is either lying or a not too bright of a journalist who therefore ought to be fired and replaced with a man who doesn't lactate to save cost to Reuters and show greater accuracy in journalism, the study shows.

The cost of workplace lactating safe places for women will compel businesses to think that it may be worth just going with the guys like the good ol days and not have to bother with the added expense of hiring women. As of now full time employment is becoming a thing of the past very quickly due to Obamacare regulations.

Businesses are made up of rich greedy men that happen to be in first place in society and should be forced to spend and provide for the things government is unable to. They are quickly changing how the workplace operates to avoid Obamacare regulations and mandates due to their indecent greed and women look to be the next casualty due to a law gone horribly wrong.

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