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Why you should insource Inbound Marketing

Once a business gets to a certain size and can afford to hire an Inbound Marketing agency, there is a natural desire to outsource your Inbound Marketing effort to an agency that handles all aspects:

  • Website development
  • Sales funnel definition and CTA strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Content generation and publishing
  • Etc, etc

This is a common set of practices that most companies go through. However, there are valid reasons why an outside agency may not be the best choice for all those activities.

When You're Small

When your business can not afford agency pricing (which will run you in the neighborhood of $35K per year) you simply can not afford an agency who will be effective, and if your budget is the $300 to $800 a month range, that is unfortunately not enough money to get enough of the agency's attention to get the kind of results you need.

When You're Bigger

When your annual revenues are in the neighborhood of $1M+, budgeting $35K for a years worth is not a problem (if it is you are in a business with VERY thin margins or you're doing something wrong), but.....

Will an agency ever understand your business as well as you do?

Will an agency ever know your customers well enough to generate a content strategy, let alone generate content, that really speaks to them?

Will that agency effectively speak in the voice of your company?

Isn't that their job?

Yes, and the really good ones (by which I mean the expensive ones) will pull it off.

The ones that are a step down may do a decent job, but is that good enough?

So who exactly in house does this?

Ideally, someone has overall responsibility for pulling the pieces together, keeping the effort going and on target, and generating the various aspects of strategy.

The generation of content must be distributed through your organization, up to and including your CEO. Who knows best how your company operates than the people who operate your company?

Who knows best what your customers want than the people who talk to your customers?

Who knows best how you fulfill your orders than the people who do the fulfillment?

Not only is in-sourced Inbound Marketing realistic, but once your organization finds their rhythm, you'll do a much better job than an outside agency, because YOU are the more expert experts you'll ever find.

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