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Why you should hire a professional curriculum vitae writer

Hiring a pro gives you a leg up
Hiring a pro gives you a leg up
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Recent studies indicate your curriculum vitae (CV) has six (6) seconds to make an impression. In that very short time, a hiring manager determines if your qualifications fit the job requirements. Hiring a Professional CV Writer (PCVW) is your best shot at making the happen.

An employer can have dozens or even hundreds of CV’s to get through. They need to decide who gets an interview and who doesn’t. The interview is your opportunity to show that you will fit into the culture of the organization. Obviously you’re qualified for the position or you would not be there. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to let your personality shine through your CV because you only have six seconds.

Through an objective examination of your past employment history a PCVW, armed with knowledge regarding current employment trends, will create a CV suited to your personality. A PCVW is an incurred expense that should be thought of as investment in yourself and your future. Hiring a PCVW arms you with the best shot at landing a career that will provide the best return on your investment.

A reputable PCVW will ask you questions regarding your career objectives. They will also hammer out any training or experience you’ve obtained. They delve into your employment history, educational endeavors and hobbies and in doing so, skillfully integrate your personality into your CV. A PCVW provides an objective analysis about your history and can highlight what is important.

Having your CV handcrafted by a professional sends a clear message to a potential employer that you are serious about being employed by their company. It tells an employer you are interested in a career within their organization. If you are interested in growing with the company they will train you and as such you become an investment. Like any investment your employer will want to see you grow.

Exceptional knowledge of the English language and its’ grammatical structure is an important component of a PCVW’s job description. A PCVW has a wealth of adjectives and job-specific vocabulary to provide the needed information ti an employer. Grammatically flawless your CV will read clearly and concisely while providing the most needed information.

A PCVW is to be well read on current employment trends and labour market information. Due to changing technologies, great employment opportunities are not as secure as even 20 years ago. A PCVW will be knowledgeable in current trends and fluctuations in labour market information. Therefore, providing you with important strategic information that will benefit you in your job search.

Hiring a professional saves you money. You can spend your time aimlessly surfing the web for employment opportunities or you can develop a career action plan with a PCVW. Instead of creating generic CV’s and cover letters to mail to random employers, your PCVW will craft a CV and cover letter tailored for employers of your choice as outlined in your plan. Your time is spent productively thus getting the most for your dollar.

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