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Why you should care about ‘Dungeon Defenders 2’

Fans of the original game understand why the sequel to this indie gem should be on everyone’s radar. To everyone else, Dungeon Defenders is Trendy Entertainment’s flagship genre bending game with a wealth of content and a strong following. The genres it blends are tower defense and action RPG. Think of Diablo character progression and loot with the strategy of a tower defense. The result is addictive and has the depth to keep your cravings sated for some time.

The sequel comes packing the same style of game-play as the original with many welcome changes. For instance they are making the maps feel more cohesive and involved by including objectives outside your crystal, which ends the game if it dies, to defend. An example of one of these objectives is a chain, which if broken lowers a drawbridge, which in turn will spawn more enemies. If you defend the chain you will have less enemies to deal with but if you chose to pull your defenses back to a choke point, you will likely lose the chain and encounter more enemies.

It’s also free to play for anyone on a budget and they have assured their fans that it will not be a pay to win game. Originally they intended to have a MOBA esque PVP mode but have since scrapped it. The original had multiple PVP maps and while they were fun, never quite captured the competitive spirit necessary to sustain one’s attention in a PVP game mode. It’s understandable to make sure that the core of your game is as good as it can be than to spend resources and time making a side mode.

Fans of PVP can take note that Trendy hasn't ruled out the potential for PVP down the line but currently are dedicating all of their manpower to making the primary game as quality and timely as possible. They also had rolled out the PVP modes in the original over time through DLC and content patches so there is hope. If you want to voice your opinion you can head down to their forums, Trendy has been known to listen to their fans.

The game supports four player co-op and is great with four friends, if you can find them but finding additions to your party is easy. It’s also a great way to meet people as you will be working together to come up with the best strategies to efficiently route your enemies. It’s slated for a spring 2014 soft launch so start rounding up your friends now.

The sequel is currently offering a promotion to gain access to their incredibly exclusive pre-alpha. All you have to do is like, share, and comment on their blog or facebook page.

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