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Why you should be concerned about purchasing hand sanitizer

It's the time of year when people are more aware of germs than any other time. Sneezes, coughs, sniffles and red faces make it hard to forget that a cold or flu may be headed in your path. To avoid germs and potential illness a lot of people carry hand sanitizer with them at all times.

Not just a bottle of hand sanitizer
Germ x

As if worrying about getting sick isn't bad enough, parents now have to worry about keeping their hand sanitizers locked and secure! That's right, a trend among teens involves drinking hand sanitizer. One of the terms used to describe this method is a hand sanitizer cocktail.

One shot of hand sanitizer is twice as strong as a shot of vodka. In the past 16 teenagers were hospitalized in California for alcohol poisoning. Health officials are worried about the immediate effect hand sanitizer has on those drinking it. They warn parents with teens to treat hand sanitizer like all drugs and lock them up.

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