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Why you need vitamin D now

Vitamin D
Vitamin D
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You have probably heard that scientists, physicians and researchers are all worried over a growing health problem in the United States. There is increasing concern that Vitamin D deficiency has become wide-spread, affecting young and old alike. In fact, it is only recently that we are beginning to understand just how important Vitamin D really is to our overall health.

Through exposure to direct sunlight, our bodies produce Vitamin D naturally. That is why it is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin.” But researchers have suggested that today’s modern lifestyle - working longer hours indoors, cloud cover, pollution, intense use of sunscreens, winter weather, reduction in milk consumption and even playing video games indoors - are all factors contributing to Vitamin D deficiency. We simply do not get enough sunlight. This is serious!

The benefits of Vitamin D cannot be underestimated. And here the top two reasons you need to supplement with Vitamin D every day, regardless of your age.

1. Immune & Respiratory Health Vitamin D can help regulate the immune system and help keep those nasty colds away. In fact, research shows the proper levels of Vitamin D support the body’s natural defenses and help to maintain a healthy functioning immune system. Additional scientific studies showed Vitamin D helped boost the body’s resistance to colds and respiratory issues. Consider Vitamin D to be a natural health shield.

2. Bone Health Whether young or old, our bone strength is a necessary focus for our overall health. When we are young, Vitamin D is critical for the health, formation, growth, development and density of bones. As we age, our bones may weaken and Vitamin D supplementation may help.

The active form of Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, actually promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus which are key nutrients that allow bones to become strong and dense. Take Action! Vitamin D testing is easily available from your physician or health care professional. This medical test can provide exact information of your Vitamin D levels.

When supplementing with Vitamin D, always look at the label for the cholecalciferol form of the vitamin. This is considered to be the most “natural,” most researched, most stable and most potent form of Vitamin D. And don't forget to walk away from the computer, go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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