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Why you need to update your social media profile

Updates to social media profiles are something to do regularly, whether it is a personal or company online page. With job changes, new websites created, and fresh content being sought after by users, updates to the social profiles provides opportunities to keep information up to date and interesting.

To reflect job changes

While people doesn’t always see job changes coming, switching jobs, and even careers, certainly does happen. According to Forbes, many people often have new jobs every 4.4 years, prior to retirement.

When a new job is earned, it is advisable to take a few minutes to update social profiles at networks that a person frequents, such as Twitter and Google+, as well as business-oriented networks like LinkedIn. Doing so tells connections about new achievements and may even earn a person a few interested messages from prospective clients.

Publicize new websites

When a person creates a new website or begins working for a new Vancouver company, he or she can easily publicize the related site on social media networks. For example, add the company website to a Twitter profile under the Settings page. It takes less than a minute to enter the URL, and new followers may just click the link to learn more about the BC-based site. Without the update, that page view is lost.

Fresh content is important

Another reason to update a social media profile is to keep content current or fresh. While not everyone has thousands of followers on networks, most people do have at least a few close connections who have an interest in what they do and current projects.

Updating the About sections on profiles gives a person opportunity to explain more about, for example, books they’re working on, their current hobbies, new interests, and even favorite quotes. The personal touches that are added to the network can make people even more interested in their online connections, making them more likely to continue interacting, support projects, and even buy related products or services.

Social media profiles on leading networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are strongest when they are updated and fresh rather than static entities. Within only a few minutes, updates can easily be added to bring about more online connections and interactions.

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