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Why You Need to Strength Train

It was once thought that strength training was a man's world, and that women had no need for it. In fact, I have heard over the years from countless women that "I don't want my muscles to be too big, so I am not going to train them." The reality is that everyone needs to strength train, especially folks that are looking to lose weight. Here's why. It takes energy to do everything the body can do. Your body takes energy to live and breathe. When we expend energy we burn calories; thus why people exercise. As exercise takes more energy and expedites more fat loss than not. Additionally, muscles requires fuel to sustain themselves. Fat requires almost NOTHING to sustain itself. In fact; a pound of muscle will require up to 150 calories per hour just to maintain itself, whereas fat requires 1 to 3 calories...So strength training will increase your metabolic rate. Remember that is the rate at which your body uses energy. The higher the rate of caloric burn, the better the fat loss. So if your goal is to lose fat, it is best to add some sort of strength training routine to your exercise regime.