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Why you need to see March of the Zombies V this Saturday (Photos)

The fifth annual March of the Zombies fashion show and concert is taking place at the Grizzly Rock in Lakewood tomorrow, and you should be there. Why? Because it's awesome, that's why.

March of the Zombies V returns this Saturday to Denver at the Grizzly Rock with the finest local bands and designers.
Jess d'Arbonne
A model at March of the Zombies III.
Jess d'Arbonne

The March of the zombies is a trifecta of zombies, fashion, and music. Local bands, designers, and artists come together once every year to celebrate creativity and their mutual love of the undead, and it is a party to die for.

Join founding designer Summer Jackson and headlining band Reno Divorce tomorrow, Saturday March 9th, at the Grizzly Rock in Lakewood for the fifth annual March of the Zombies. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the cover is $10.

This is not your average runway fashion show. It is not the high fashion of New York or the reserved styles of designers who take themselves too seriously. This is fashion inspired by zombies... on zombies. Not only are the designs functional, inspired, and edgy, but each one is displayed on a model who has been decked out in the grotesque trappings of the zombie apocalypse. Open wounds and blood spatter adorn each model as they stalk and shamble their way down the runway. These models are having the time of their unlife... and you should too.

The music is as alive as the models are not. This year Reno Divorce is headlining the March of the Zombies, so you'll definitely want to stick around for the end of the show. Joining in the joyous cacophony will be Flash Mob to open the night, Matt Fink and DJ Cysco to accompany the fashion show, and Fallen & Forgotten to warm the crowd up for the final act. This isn't your average show. The musicians of the March of the Zombies have a history of going all out and playing their fingers to the bone.

Besides the benefit of having a damn good time, attending March of the Zombies gives you a chance to support local artists and homegrown creativity. The proceeds from the annual show go to founder Summer Jackson's nonprofit, Creative to Bless (C2B), which aims at enriching local arts by offering creative development programs and exposure to audiences and opportunities. It's events like this that give Denver artists a chance to achieve something greater.

Listen, it's rare that something as unique, creative, utterly metal, and fun as March of the Zombies becomes a regular fixture in a place like Denver. You need to be a part of it. Be there or be undead.

Stay informed, stay alive: The Grizzly Rock is located at West 6th Avenue & Sheridan Boulevard in Lakewood, CO. The March of the Zombies is an annual event. Visit the MOTZ home page for more details and photos.

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