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Why You May Want to Try Veneers

Dental veneers are a type of treatment that involves thin pieces of ceramic or porcelain that is adhered semi-permanently to your teeth. They fix a wide range of issues, ranging from discoloration or staining, to closing a gap in your teeth. You can get one or multiple veneers at one time to improve your smile and your self-confidence. Here are some reasons to consider getting dental veneers.

Whiten Teeth

The first thing veneers can offer you is a whiter, brighter smile. Whether you have staining on one or two of your front teeth, or you get a full row of veneers to correct general discoloration, they are instantly whiter when you get veneers. Furthermore, veneers generally take longer to become discolored again than your natural teeth. This means once you get veneers, they keep the same shade for a longer period of time as long as you take care of them regularly.

Fix Alignment or Spacing Issues

Veneers can also fix any spacing or alignment issues you have. If you have a gap in your two top front teeth, you can get veneers on those teeth that helps cover the gap. Other spacing issues might be from not getting braces or failing to wear your retainer. These spacing issues are instantly corrected with veneers, as opposed to waiting several years for braces or Invisalign to being showing results.

Correct Cracks or Chips

More minor issues with your teeth are also corrected with veneers. Many people get a single veneer over a tooth that has a small crack or chip in it. If you had an accident and hit the tooth on a hard object or concrete, it likely has a little chip in it. Covering the tooth with a veneer corrects this completely and improves your smile.

Improve Tooth Shape and Size

You may want dental veneers to improve your tooth shape and size. If you have some teeth that are oddly shapen and don’t match your other teeth in size or shape, veneers fixes this instantly. You may need them on one or multiple teeth for the best results, though it can be done at the same time.

Solve Multiple Problems

Finally, one of the greatest benefits to dental veneers is that they solve dental issues at one time. You can solve multiple problems with veneers, such as a gap, spacing issue, chip in your tooth, and some discoloration, all with getting dental veneers. It saves you time and money by getting it all done at once, as opposed to needing several different dental procedures and treatments for the perfect smile. In just a couple visits, you correct all your dental issues at once.

If you need a cosmetic dentist in Orange County that does porcelain veneers, there are many available to answer all your questions.

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