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Why you are not shedding weight

Healthy food
Healthy food
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Your body isn’t the same as the next person, the most important thing to know before starting a weight loss effort. As much, you might not lose weight like the next person. People who have more fat weight lose weight faster in the beginning of a weight-loss program.

While weight gain often bores down to calories intake versus calories burned, there are other reasons why you might put on and keep extra weight. Such factors include medical conditions such as diabetes, anemia, hormone deficiencies or under-active thyroid gland etc.

Minus medical conditions, there are other natural factors that might hinder weight loss, even if you’re active. Such factors include:

Muscles versus extra fat – BMI and scale watching may not be great indicators of body weight/fat ratio. Endurance exercise and resistance training may increase the muscle and provide stronger bone for the body.=

Stress increase in the hormone cortisol, caused by stress, may contribute to weight gain. Cortisol metabolizes fat and carbohydrate, stimulates insulin release and maintains the blood sugar levels. Also, stress makes it harder to eat healthy. Chronic stress leads to increased appetite and weight gain.

Reduced water intake – water suppresses appetite and ensures that you don’t overeat. The hunger pang you feel might actually be the body craving for water and not food. Also, dehydration hinders kidney functionality, which in turn causes more stored fat.

Not enough sleepensure you get at least seven hours sleep every day. Hormones and appetite are affected by your sleeping pattern.

Understanding your lifestyle and nutritional profile, and the cause of your weight gain is important in creating an individualized weight loss plan. Therefore, before starting your weight loss, consult with an expert to be well informed about the changes that will occur to your body.

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