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Why would Obamacare be an albatross?

There is nothing wrong with an albatross
James George

If the Affordable Care Law is working as the President says it is, why would Obamacare be an albatross as suggested by The Hill this morning? Alright, the roll out was as ugly as it could be. It demonstrated a number of things including:

  • Executive branch management incompetence
  • Flawed law by Congressional authors
  • Ability to fix the system eventually

Confusion remains about just how successful the Affordable Care Law is in addressing the advertised need. About 48 million Americans needed the law to get insurance. According to the administration, 8 million citizens signed up who didn’t have insurance before. That means 40 million are still without healthcare insurance. How do you call that a success?

If you are a “fits and starts” President, any movement along the line of getting citizens insured might be called a success. The trouble is, if you are not one of the 8 million newly insured individuals, how do you realize benefits from the change? You might see fewer people in the emergency room if you should happen to visit one, and if you have been there before and can tell the difference. That is a big “if”. You may or may not have seen a change in your personal healthcare cost and situation, as it may be too early to tell.

The CBO says that healthcare costs have gone down as a result in the near term, but it is way too early to calculate the impact until the law is more mature in implementation. The entire issue about mandates remains in flux. Needed is for more of the invincible generation to sign up, and the jury is out on that.

Needed also is for the US government to get its act together around championing attention to this necessity. Instead, we have Republicans in Congress resisting support for the “law.” Republicans resist support for attending to many social needs as they don’t believe that government should be involved in addressing them. There is a burgeoning need to address the cost of social programs. The demand for them isn’t going away, nor is the necessity to balance America’s finances to pay for them.

So, why is Obamacare an albatross? If it represents a solution to a necessity, its implementation may have been botched, but the law and the direction is correct. Who doesn’t agree with that?

“What’s next for ObamaCare?

By Mike Lillis and Elise Viebeck

Eight million people have signed up for ObamaCare. So what now?

As ObamaCare enters its fifth year, big questions remain about how the law is working and whether it will live up to promises of providing affordable coverage and slowing the growth of medical costs.

The politics surrounding ObamaCare are equally uncertain.

The botched rollout of emboldened critics and stoked Democratic fears that the law would be an albatross in the midterm elections. But last month's late enrollment surge pushed the coverage numbers above expectations, and recent polls indicate that voter disapproval of the law is waning.

Republican leaders have made clear that their campaign strategy this year will center around attacks on ObamaCare, but Democrats say that plan will backfire.

Here are five things to watch as the next chapter of the ObamaCare debate unfolds.

Will premiums rise on the exchanges in 2015?”

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