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Why women need to rescue their men: Part 1

Can you guess what is one of the most common relationship patterns today? If you have a tendency to look for men or are attractive to men that have problems, need fixing, broken in some way or are wounded souls then you are not alone. According to Psychology Today in an article written by Seth Meyers and Katie Gilbert entitled Loving Broken Men: Rescuing Mr. Potential, Part 1, there are enough women falling into these doomed relationships as there is water in Niagara Falls.

knight in shining armor
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Women who are the nurturers are known to try to rescue their men as well. Many strong women stand behind weaker men. There are male rescuers as well, and many women want that knight in shining armor but the facts show that there are more female rescuers than male.

Role of the rescuer

Women rescuers focus more on her partner’s worries issues and concern than even he does. At first the men seem sweet and appealing but, once into the relationship the men become, unstable, unhappy, controlling, aggressive, and demonstrate mood swings. The males can struggle with drug and alcohol abuse though not all of them, but many suffer from anxiety and depression.

Of course some people will wonder why any woman would stay in this kind of relationship. The simplest answer is that these women value love and respect their marriage above all else. The female rescuer is very loyal and will do all she can to help her husband become a stronger person.

Female rescuers often come from a family of female rescuers; they often cared for a sibling or elderly person or another individual in the family whom they felt needed help. There is often much drama and turmoil going on in their past and present home.

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