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Why women love a man who can cook

The traditional roles in a heterosexual relationship are that the man provides for and protects his family and the woman takes care of the home (i.e.: cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids). But traditional roles have changed a lot. And certain structures don't work for certain families. Maybe the wife works and the husband stays home with the kids, or maybe you both work and share household responsibilities. Regardless of what the specific dynamics of your relationship are and who does the cooking, there is just something very appealing about a man who can cook.

The couple who cooks together, stays together!
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Why do women love a man who can cook?

They can't cook. If a woman doesn't know how to cook or doesn't like to cook, she may feel like she has hit the jackpot if she finds a man who can cook and loves to cook! It brings a perfect balance to the relationship if there are naturally things that one can do and the other can't or one loves to do and the other doesn't. Maybe you like washing dishes, but hate putting them away. If you can find someone who doesn't like washing dishes, but doesn't mind putting them away, you will have a nice little system going.

It gives them a break from cooking. Even if you know how to cook, even if you love cooking, everyone likes a break from cooking every now and then. It is very unlikely that you are going to feel like cooking every single day. If you and your partner take turns cooking, it really lightens up the load.

It shows his creative side. A big part of why watching your man cook is so sexy is because it shows you a side of him you may not get to see as often. It shows you that he can be creative and caring and attentive to detail.

Bottom line is, there's just nothing sexier than when he's in the kitchen throwing down with the spices and inventing new recipes! Bring home the bacon and fry it up!

What do you think? Why do women love a man who can cook?

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