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Why Women Like To Watch Their Husband Have Sex With Another Woman

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Has keeping up with relationship urged women to adopt the pleasure of voyeurism? Did you know that there are several women who enjoy watching their husbands and boyfriends have sex with other women.

Some women like to be a voyeur and watch another women being pleased knowing the man is with her and below are some reasons why women enjoy this secretly kept subject.

It turns them on

For women, watching or spying their partners having sex can be considered as an asset. It turns them on. It works as a mental booster to them as it involves no jealousy. It simply offers mental turn on and some women even enjoy masturbating while the act is happening.

Men and feelings

To a committed man with relationship phobia, it may sound a little weird, why his wife loves watching him having sex with another woman. For most of the men it may sound quite conventional.


Back in the 1950's, the idea of watching husband having sex with another woman was some sort of taboo. There has been a drastic change in the way women think. Now-a-days, some women love watching their husband having sex with other women. Most women see nothing wrong in having threesome at some point of time in their life. Reports of women as young as 18 and 21 have even reported enjoying watching their male partner please another woman or one of their friends.

Voyeurism, swinging and women

Voyeurism in women can be described by their act of deriving pleasure from watching their husband having sex with other women. It may sometimes be related to spying. Watching someone while the prospect is getting undressed or watching someone who is engaged in intimate sexual behaviors may add up to provide a far clear definition of voyeurism in women. Some women report that the sounds of another woman's pleasurable moans are a turn on for the woman watching.

Swinging is quite different from voyeurism in women. Swinging is termed as an act of engrossing oneself in sexual intercourse.

How women can benefit from watching their boyfriend or husband have sex with another woman

True love: True or a myth

A woman who truly loves her husband or boyfriend doesn’t allow her husband to sleep with another woman.

Most of the women not only believe that their husband won’t have sexual encounters with other women because they believe in true love. It may be true in their eyes. But what about the conquests that doesn’t meet the eyes! The idea of true love becomes quite clear for some women by watching their husband having sex with other women.

Voyeurism in women helps in releasing unwanted sexual tension

Men are more often believed to have more of a sex drive than women. This is why men often tend to cheat their women because they have a craving for women in comparison to their female counterparts. Sex with consensus is never a bad idea. Until you have things under control everything is fine. Allowing your husband to have sex with other women and loving to watch, releases surmountable sex tension accumulated in women.

Watching your husband have sex with another woman gives a peace of mind to your man

"Space’ is an important factor for a relationship. The more space you give to your partner, the better your relationship would be. Most of the women today feel this fact and allow space to their husband. When it comes watching their husband have sex with other women, they say it gives their husband a peace of mind.

Sexual health is of utmost importance

Men are more often prone to having multiple sex partners. It triggers an alarm for STDs. When you allow your husband to have sex and you enjoy the show, you husband takes it easy. He tends to adopt the safety precautions. Safeties are major concerns when it comes to watching your husband have sex with another woman.

Hidden sexual desires and preferences

Most of the women tend to enjoy sex less. It is because they have weird desires of not having sex but sometimes enjoying others having sex. It becomes easy for them to allow their husbands to have sex with other women.

Fear of weird reactions from their love lead women to adopt weird ways of allowing their men having sex with other women.

A Second woman becomes the most possible option for women most of the time.

Swinging has become the ultimate possible solution to today’s fetishes and hidden sexual desires. Women fear to divulge their hidden sexual desires to their men. For them it may lead to some weird perception about them to their men. Sometimes men like to watch their wife have sex with other men, this is called hotwifing.

When your marriage is at stake

As women, most women think of keeping their marriages intact whatever it may come to live up to. It may be a second woman at most of the time.

Swinging has inevitably helped most of the couples in the world to save their marriages. Site like SwingLifeStyle are catered to swinging couples and for people who want to share one another.When sacrifice is a solution to a further graver problem, there is nothing wrong in enjoying your partner having sex with another woman. Several men, women and couples are embracing new open type relationships such as swinging and joining hotwifing and husband swapping sites like SwingLifeStyle. In closing even marriage counselors see nothing wrong with this type of relationship. Read more:[Marriage counselors agree on swinging in your relationship]