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Why women date

I’ll be honest, I didn’t date much before I met my husband. From my spot on the sidelines, I learned quite a bit about how and why people date. I practically had a handbag full of girlfriends who each had their own reasons for going out on the town, with men or with each other. A recent advice article on about saying goodbye to your singe life got me thinking about the different motivations of dating, and I decided to check in with the girls to see what they were up to and why.

Notches in the Bedpost
“I’m seeing this girl right now. I use the phrase because we don’t actually go out on dates, we just have rendezvous. If it ends, it ends. I’m not in a hurry to settle down, even with her, though she’s great.” –Lauren, 28

“The guy I’m dating, we don’t have a lot in common. I probably don’t even like him, but he’s got other strong points besides conversation… Am I looking for something more? No, I guess not. Certainly not with him.” –Keri, 23

Flirting and Flings
“I’ll go out on at least one date with someone who asks, and lately a lot of people have been asking. It’s weird, but I think it’s because I’m at the point where I’m kind of over it, and it’s pretty freeing. Guys like free, I guess.” –Gina, 31

“I’ve been dating Mike for a month, and we go out about once a week. So that’s four dates, total, which I don’t think is serious enough to prevent me from entertaining the idea of the UPS man or something. My UPS man is hot.”—Joanne, 26

Holding Out
“Plain and simple, I just do not have the time for someone who isn’t all about marriage and kids. Get out of my way.”—Nikki, 25

“I’m not very traditional, but after a while of dating someone and knowing it isn’t going anywhere near love-land, I start to put that whole part of life on hold until I figure out more of where I want to go.”—Erica, 32

Are you dating on a mission? Let me know in the comments!