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Why wish for a religious America that was intolerant of others?

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I read a letter in a newspaper who by a person who believes that the horrific shooting at Fort Hood, Texas had something to do with "turning our backs to God." We are the most religious developed nation on earth. Nations like Sweden, Denmark and Germany have lower rates of violence though they are much less religious. Shouldn't they have more violence if the letter writer was right?

He also stated that President Obama said we aren't a Christian nation anymore. President Obama did say so, though the part always left out is that the president stated we aren't just a Christian nation, but a nation of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Muslims and non-believers along with the Christian majority.

In other words, a nation tolerant and inclusive regardless of the religious beliefs of its' citizens, and which does not take an official position on religion.

Our schools, governmental offices and the military must be neutral when it comes to religion, but support the rights of students and soldiers and employees to practice their religion, or be free from pressure to engage in religious participation.

In regards to the complaint of chaplains in the military not being free to speak in the name of Jesus anymore, what about those soldiers who didn't believe in this Jesus? They were a captive audience, not allowed to go anywhere else. Would he have been so understanding if those chaplains were Muslims preaching about Allah and the Quran to him?

Would he support humanists reading excerpts of the Humanist Manifesto during mandatory formations? Of course not. There is no right to use one's position in the military to further their beliefs regarding religion, or anything else. I do not want our nation to follow any supposed god.

If we do, then means laws and policies aren't made for the needs of human beings on earth but the supposed dictates and commands of a being that is never seen or heard. So yes, let's turn our backs on this god, the bible and religion and face the future as freethinking and rational beings not afraid of the dark.