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Why Wii needs a WEE (Wii Exergaming Expert)

There are many different guises for this mii WEE

Feeling overwhelmed now that the Wii U console has been released and you're still trying to figure out how to work the one you have? Maybe you are one of the millions that have abandoned their Wii's, not even able to remember the last time you played.

Learning curve

Many who fell in love with the Wii console were new to the whole video gaming world, and shy about getting help. The learning curve, perhaps, proved to be too steep and humiliating for many newbies. How to learn to play? What are good games to buy? How do you hook up this thing? What accessories do I need? Who can I play with?

With little support for this new breed of exergamers who purchased Wii consoles, they stopped using it. Yet, this author persisted in experimenting and doing her own Wii-search and tada! became a self-proclaimed Wii Exergaming Expert.

I'm an exergamer? What's exergaming?

The study of exergaming, still in its infancy, basically examines how to integrate gaming with exercise. Nintendo's Wii console set the bar for subsequent exergames with the introduction of its wand-like remote and games which make you stand up to play.

Wii Exergaming Expert

A Wii Exergaming Expert

  • has a background in fitness and health and has devoted substantial hours playing exergames on the Wii.
  • can answer your questions about how to Hula Hoop with correct form while scoring massively, toning abs and burning calories at the same time.
  • can teach a room full of people how to DDR quickly and easily using Virtual Fitness Wii FAB techniques.
  • is able to consult and provide you with best practices for setting up a Wii exergaming program in your facility.
  • trains others to be Wii Exergaming Experts.
  • may provide additional specialized programs.

For more information check out Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) on BlogTalk Radio.

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