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Why white women lose more weight than black women on the same diet

There had always been issue that black women have complained about and that is their weight loss issue compared to the white women. They lose less weight compared to white women with same diet and same amount of exercise. This issue had been bothering many black women over time and finally the studies have concluded a reason that defines this problem.

The researcher named James P. DeLany along with his team from the Pittsburgh University put 69 obese black women and 64 obese white women on the similar diet of 1800 calories per day with the similar workout schedule. After six months when they checked the final weight, they noticed that black women lost around 8 pounds on average and it was less than the white women. It was a six-month diet program and the results came out this way. The researchers were not able to find the reasons for the result at first, but then they came up with a conclusion of the result.

Why is that so?
The researchers made it clear in their study that it was not about the black women working less hard than the white women. The researches paid a thorough attention to the problem to ensure that all of the participant’s efforts were same like the others. According to the researchers, the culprits were the basic genetics. This means that black women have lower metabolism rate than the white women.

Metabolism is referred to the enzymes and hormones in the body that convert the amount of food and breaks the food in the energy form. This means that if you have higher metabolism rate, then your body will burn the calories of the food you eat faster. The more calories you burn, the faster you lose weight. The case with black women was opposite as their metabolism rate was low and this means that their body was not able to burn calories faster.

Such findings are not new at all. Previous data has proved that when it is about weight loss, the genetics and race are real factors that physicians cannot ignore. This means that the black women should keep it in mind before starting their exercise and diet plan.

What should be done now
As the research shows that the main culprit is the metabolism rate, this means that black women shall not get disappointed as it is not their fault. However, they can do certain things that can help them improve in the weight loss.

Firstly as they now know that their metabolism rate is low, they shall eat less and workout much harder. Even if you have the same diet as a white woman, eat less from that diet as you know your body will not be able to burn the calories much faster.

Stay away from all the junk food and sweet foods that are not only high in calories but also high in fat. All of your workout will go waste if you cheat your diet with any junk food or sweet foods. Since you know the mechanism of your body, now then you shall stay away from all such foods completely.


Do not lose the motivation level in the gym and follow the diet you have been following strictly. Furthermore, having peanuts in your diet will even help you a lot in losing weight as they offer many benefits to lose weight. Nuts help you increase the metabolism rate in your body. This will help your body burn the calories in the faster way. This will even keep you healthy and fit and protect you from certain diseases as well.

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