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Why weight loss tips do not work for you

Are you counting calories?
Are you counting calories?
Photo by Joe Raedle

Have you ever searched for the best weight loss tips so that you can fit into your summer swimsuit or that expensive wedding dress?

If so, you have likely realized that there are no shortages of helpful weight loss tips available all over television and the internet. But with all of these helpful tips available to us, why are obesity rates continuing to climb in this country?

The truth is, that most weight loss tips simply are not practical and therefore will not work for a majority of the people reading them. Let's face the facts here, many weight loss tips are so unhelpful that they border on being absurd and even funny.

The fact is, that weight loss can be really quite simple if you have some tips that are tangible and not based on a theory or are not based on doing something completely unrelated to what you are eating. Let's take a look at some weight loss tips that are out there and talk about why they are not going to help you lose weight, and what you can do to change that.

Popular weight loss myths and what to do instead for best results

1) Eat smaller meals, more often:

Perhaps you have tried this tip, thinking that if you ate more often you would be happier and you would lose weight? It makes sense, because doesn't every expert say to do this?

The problem:

If you are eating the wrong kinds of foods, it makes no difference whether you eat those foods ten times a day or three times a day. If you eat a triple cheeseburger in one sitting if is every bit as bad for your weight and your health as if you cut it into 6 pieces and ate it throughout the day.

The solution:

If you are going to eat frequently, make sure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables. There is nothing better than a ripe orange or mango to snack on, and when you eat foods like this you no longer have to worry about counting a single calorie.

2) Avoid getting small amounts of sleep

I have seen this tip in almost every weight loss tip article around and it has nothing to do with weight loss.The idea here is that when you sleep less, certain hormones in your body become out of whack and can cause you to gain weight.

The problem:

The problem here is that it is not a solution! I do not sleep very much and I no longer have any issues with weight gain. Why is that? The reason for my success is that I eat the right foods. Because I eat the right foods, I have no issue with any hormones becoming out of sorts and causing my weight gain.

The solution:

Eat foods that are not processed, or are at least minimally processed. Avoid sugar and bleached grains such as white bread and if you can. These foods turn directly into sugar once they enter your body, and that is what is causing you to gain weight. You will see, that once you eat better as part of your way of life, and not due to a diet trend that lack of sleep will not hinder your weight loss in any way.

3) Take pictures of your food so that you know how much you are eating

This is another popular weight loss tip that has no relevance. Taking a picture of that triple cheeseburger will not make it any better for your health. Doing this is nothing more than a trick that your body will not really take any notice of in regards to weight gain or loss.

The problem:

Taking a picture of every single piece of food you eat will become tedious and you will not want to continue doing it for very long. And as I discussed earlier, if you are taking pictures of white bread, candy, pizza and other foods that hinder weight loss, it will not help your efforts one bit.

The solution:

Enjoy eating the best foods on earth, and only take a picture of your meal if you really want to, not because you are trying to trick yourself. I can not stress enough that if you are eating the worlds best foods, you will never need another trick for weight loss again.

Weight loss does not have to be difficult. Once you have some real tips that you can put into use right away, you can start losing weight faster than you ever have, or than you have ever imagined. Gimmicks and fads will not phase your efforts any longer, and you will soon be able to see that the best tips are the ones that will work for every person, not just people who have time to live at the gym.