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Why we should study climate change

Do not worry. Polar bears can swim.
Do not worry. Polar bears can swim.
The Telegraph

Regardless of evidence, scientific or anecdotal, the true believers in Global Warming, who now use the term Climate Change, continue to propagandize that man is effecting the weather and the way to prevent this is to reduce our economies to rubble so we won’t be producing the dreaded CO2 gas that is supposedly causing these changes.

It is possible that the increase in CO2 has had some effect, but what we do not know.

However the incompetent from Barack Obama to John Kerry to Prince Charles continue to proselytize their religion of AGW, with Obama actually wrecking the coal industry via the EPA because of a belief, religious in all aspects, that would make a Pope proud if it was Christianity being practiced instead of nature worship.

We have been subjected to two decades of nonsense that produced proclamations that every drought or, as Obama has ridiculously asserted, forest fire or freezing weather is all a result of Global Warming.

I suspect solar activity, but it is just a guess. Certainly on a planet over 6 billion years old, any period of time in our lifetimes can’t be compared to a heartbeat in the history of the Earth, but the lesser minds continue to howl about how every weather anomaly is related to Global Warming.

But, I think we need to continue to study the weather, atmospherics, weather changes, not because I believe in AGW but because the research will prove valuable.

If we study air pollution, CO2, everything going into the atmosphere, who knows what we might learn? We might learn there is another threat, or none.

Imagine if Fleming had returned from vacation to his lab, looked in the Petri dish and said, “That’s not what we were looking for,” and then pitched the plate into the trash. How long before penicillin was discovered if he had done that?
We should do research for research’s sake. We should make all material public and open to peer review so that we don’t suffer a massive fraud like the University of East Anglia in England perpetrated for years.

And, who knows what else we will learn about weather patterns, the jet stream, the Sun’s influence on warming and cooling the atmosphere. That is why we should study, honestly, the atmosphere.

It won’t shut up the worshipers of AGW, but for those whose opinions are not formed yet, they can review the reports of the research and decide for themselves if there is something to worry about.

So, let’s have scientists, weather scientists, begin an honest investigation. We can ask some honest questions and get some honest answers.

And, injecting some honesty into the public debate in 2014 would be interesting, too. To some it would be a quite a change.

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