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Why we can't just leave the Middle East

The question comes up daily from readers and friends, “Why can’t we just leave the Middle East alone?” Why must the U.S. be engaged in so many places? That comes up today as we witness a U.S. general officer gunned down by an apparent Taliban who infiltrated the Afghan military and fired shots at a host of Americans and allies, including Afghans. Fighting terrorism is extremely difficult, because the enemies are extreme and operate outside any known rules of law.

Can't trust Afghanistan President Karzai
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Part of the answer to the question is right there. Terrorists know no boundaries and are intent on killing free people who don’t agree with their radical points of view. If we don’t take the fight to them, they will take it to us.

Free people in the world must defend their freedom in a persistent battle. Terrorists and rogue nations and dictators will not stop until they are defeated.

If there is a poignant lesson to be learned from Israel it is that its existence depends upon a fight to the finish. It is dependent upon converting enemies to allies and friends. Jews and Arabs and every other diverse kind live in close quarters, too close to allow terrorism and dictators to exist.

The response to each source of threat to world peace is unique to the situation with regard to certain variables.

  • Location
  • Type of dictatorial regime
  • Type of terrorist threat
  • Degree to which freedom’s enemies are armed and equipped
  • Maturity of the threat
  • Enemies’ strategies and reach

No free nation has the capacity to combat global terrorism in its various forms that include state-sponsored terrorism. However, all free nations must act collaboratively and in concert to address diverse and dispersed threats together.

It appears that free nations are too loosely coupled at present to address the threats effectively. Weakness among free nations is seen by terrorists as opportunities. Therefore, free nations’ leaders and governments need to close ranks. Political instability among free nations such as in the United States today makes everyone more vulnerable.

The audacity of the Taliban to penetrate the Afghanistan military and to assassinate NATO leaders is intolerable. So is the audacity of ISIS to have penetrated Syria and Iraq to undo any progress that Americans and allies may have made there. The predatory acts by Vladimir Putin and the Russians are another gross sign that the free world is vulnerable. So is the lack of progress in addressing nations like Iran and North Korea as they persist as developing nuclear powers.

The people of the free world should be calling for unprecedented leadership and government competence that is a requirement of self-governing citizens.

"Pentagon Confirms US General Killed in Kabul

Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers keep watch at the gate of a British-run military training academy Camp Qargha, in Kabul, Aug. 5, 2014.

Last updated on: August 05, 2014 2:05 PM

A man wearing an Afghan army uniform has shot and killed a U.S. general and wounded a number of American and international troops in what appears to be another "insider attack" by a member of Afghanistan's security forces.

A U.S. official and Afghan officials confirmed that someone wearing an Afghan military uniform opened fire about 12 p.m. local time at the camp where international forces train Afghan National Army officers.

An Afghan Defense Ministry statement described the attacker as a "terrorist" and said he had been killed.”

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