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Why water is better

Water is better than pop or juice

Sugary drinks don't hold a candle to water. While pop and some juices may be made primarily of water, the other ingredients found within are not good for you. You may as well throw your weight loss plans out the window if you drink diet pop, fruit juices with sugar added and straight up soda. Water quenches thirst admirably enough and there is no sugar present to rot your teeth or spike your insulin levels.

Water is better than coffee

Caffeinated drinks sap your body of vital liquids by acting as mlid diueritc. A diuretic may help keep your water weight down artificially by keeping water from parts of the body that need it and flushing away other vital nutrients and minerals.

Water is better than energy drinks

If sugary drinks and coffee are bad for you what does that make energy drinks? The demon overlord of nasty beverages, unfortunately. Dentists attest that the loss of enamel caused by energy drinks is 'off the charts". The added potentially deadly doses of caffeine mixed with sugars and other stimulants found in popular energy drinks makes wataer the easy choice for health and weight loss.

Is water better than milk?

This is up to who is drinking it and when. For kids, milk is a decidedly better choice. More protein, better supply of Vitamins, calcium, fat, etc. All of these are good for growing bodies. Water is not a bad choice either, considering other options for kids out there. Check out these links for more info:

Consider water over milk in situations like long, hot days in the sun, during or before workouts, sports, or games and in the case of cough and congestion, as milk and other dairy products tends to make coughs more phlegmy.

After a workout or exercise, milk is a better and more healthy thirst-quencher than water according to these findings from McMaster University:

Kids will benefit equally from drinking partly skimmed milk as well as water as part of a balanced diet. Energy drinks, pop, and juice should be on the "hardly ever" list.


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