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Watching your husband have sex with another woman: A closer look at the benefits

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Millions of women around the world are turned on by the idea of watching their husband have sex with another women, or even by the idea of joining in and having a threesome – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Back in the 1950s, these topics were definitely considered taboo and many couples could only fantasize about the idea of having sex with other people, under the vigilant eyes of their partners.

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This is commonly referred to as voyeurism, and there is a slight difference between voyeurs and swingers – while the latter typically engage in sexual intercourse, voyeurs get off by simply watching their partners have sex with other people. The textbook definition of voyeurism says that this is a sexual interest in the practice of watching or even spying on other people as they engage in intimate behaviors, from sexual intercourse to other simple behaviors like getting undressed.

Voyeurs are turned on by other people, by watching them in their privacy – however, while some of them want to simply spy on their partners (not because they are jealous, but simply because this offers them the ultimate mental turn on), others just want to let their partners know that there are being watched, and this is usually an activity that all the three parties have previously agreed upon.

What Are The Benefits Of Watching Your Man Having Sex With Another Lady?

Some women may be tempted to say that a woman who truly loves her husband would never allow him to sleep with another woman, especially not under her eyes. However, there are other women who not only are fine with the idea, but who actually ask their husbands to do it.

One of the benefits of allowing your man to have sex with another woman is that he will release all the sexual tension that he has gathered inside. It is known that men tend to have a higher sex drive and sexual appetite than women, this is why they are more prone to cheating – however, this is not a general rule. If you know that your man has consensual sex with other women and that you get to watch the whole thing, you can rest assured knowing that you have everything under control!

Sexual health is another aspect of utmost importance, as there are numerous STDs that can be easily contracted not only through unprotected sex, but through various other sexual activities. If you are concerned about the fact that your husband may be cheating on you or that he might catch an STD if he is not careful enough, then watching him have sex with another woman should give you some peace of mind - and you will, most likely, enjoy the whole thing as well! You can always have an eye on the entire intercourse and who knows, maybe the woman he is having sex with is actually an experienced one and she might even teach him a trick or two that will help both of you reanimate your relationship and spice things up.

As people, we tend to be visual creatures that have a multitude of fetishes and hidden sexual desires and preferences that we might not be very comfortable disclosing to our significant other, simply because sometimes we are afraid of their reaction. On the other hand, we may not even want to practice some of these fetishes with the person we love, simply because this would change our overall perception about the person in question - this is precisely one of the numerous reasons why so many people choose to become swingers nowadays.

Does your husband have a secret fetish or desire that he has shared with you, but you feel that you are unable to do it? Or does he want to practice a certain fantasy that he feels he cannot do with you? If so, then a second woman can truly be the solution to this problem. You can watch your husband in action, and one of the benefits of doing so is that it will certainly help you understand him and his desired better. Understanding your significant other and supporting his views and desires is essential for a healthy, strong, long-lasting and blossoming relationship or marriage, and sometimes this can require some sacrifice from both parts. Some couples enjoy a swinger site called because it is for swingers, such as couples looking for another woman.

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