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Why was SMX in San Jose so small?

As an industry insider, I felt a strong compulsion to attend SMX west to see what is being promoted as new in the industry. It helps that the San Jose convention center is just one short train ride away from where I live.

When I got there I was amazed to see how small it was.

Inbound Marketing is a huge industry!!!!!

Lots a service providers and lots of commercial activity.

Yet the exhibit hall contained so few vendors that I visited every booth (some briefly) sat through one presentation, and talked more in depth to about about a half a dozen vendors, and I was done in 90 minutes.

It's not that I walk fast (although I've been told I do).

I think it's more that there were very few vendors in attendance.

I'm wondering why?

Are the East Coast exhibits larger?

Are the people who sell in the space away of the irony of selling Inbound Marketing through a mechanism other than Inbound Marketing (the SMX show being just one such example)?

I don't know.

If you have an opinion on this, please share.

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