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Why was Nolan Ryan forced out by the Texas Rangers?

Jon Daniels (left).....knocked Nolan Ryan out of Arlington.
Jon Daniels (left).....knocked Nolan Ryan out of Arlington.

Nolan Ryan is not only a legend as a pitcher, but he is also one of the smartest men in baseball. So why did the Texas Rangers force him out as chief executive officer of their organization?

An ESPN The Magazine article by Robert Sanchez in March of 2014 reads as follows, "During that time it was well-known throughout the game that there was a power struggle going on between (former team president Nolan) Ryan and (general manager) Jon Daniels, who had acquired the title of president of baseball operations last March in a front office restructuring that ultimately led to Ryan's departure after the season. Former Ranger and current Detroit Tiger Ian Kinsler squarely blames the man who traded him."

In the article Sanchez interviewed Kinsler who blamed Daniels for Ryan's departure from the Rangers baseball organization, saying, "Daniels is a sleazeball. He got in good with the owners and straight pushed Ryan out. He thought all the things he should get credit for, Ryan got credit for. It's just ego. Once we went to the World Series everybody's ego got huge, except for Nolan's."

A USA Today Sports article reported on March 15, 2013, as follows: "He (Nolan Ryan) walked up a flight of steps, dropped off his briefcase and then spent the next two hours with his new boss, Jon Daniels. Two weeks ago, it was Daniels who reported to Ryan, the Rangers' chief executive officer and president. These days, it's Ryan (unofficially) reporting to Daniels, the team's newly appointed president of baseball operations. In three weeks, it's possible the two won't be working together. Ryan may simply resign. The Nolan Ryan saga has turned into the biggest drama in Texas since Dallas---the original one."

The perceptive article by Bob Nightengale went to say that while the Rangers "say they want him to be involved and he can make all of the recommendations he desires, but his decision-making days are over."

Translation: You can hang around, Nolan, if you want to be the team mascot and have no authority.

Daniels purged some of Ryan's hires. Bench coach Jackie Moore, a friend and ally of Ryan, was sacked by Daniels over Ryan's objections. Tim Purpura, previously named as farm director by Ryan, was removed by Daniels.

After reportedly doing an excellent job as bench coach from 2009-2013, Moore responded to his firing on 103.3 FM in Dallas saying that Jon Daniels went to co-owner Ray Davis "last winter, and told him Ryan shouldn't have a big role in baseball decisions," according to a tweet from Jeff Platt. Moore also reportedly told Jon Daniels he needed to stop going behind Nolan's back.

Landry Locker tweeted on Oct. 18, 2013 about the interview, "The haymaker in the Moore interview was the former bench coach saying Nolan was advised to fire JD a few years back."

Evidently, Nolan was too nice to do to Daniels what Daniels later did to him.

Jeff Platt tweeted of the interview that Moore said, "Ray mentioned my firing was no big deal. It was a major deal to me and my family."

Several reports have indicated that Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan had a disagreement which almost became physical. Media reports out of Dallas indicated that Nolan and Daniels couldn't stand each other and Daniels could do whatever he wanted despite the fact the Hall of Fame pitcher was still CEO at the time. One report said that the argument revolved around Daniels purge of Moore and Purpura.

If Daniels wanted all the credit for the 2014 season he should receive it. He knocked Nolan Ryan out in Dallas and won that fight. Daniels should also receive the blame if the Rangers don't do well. Daniels helped the Baltimore Orioles by sending them Chris Davis and Nelson Cruz. He strengthened the Detroit Tigers by giving them Ian Kinsler.

Daniels is supposedly a statistics man. Nolan Ryan is a baseball man.

All the praise and blame should be on one man for this season......Jon Daniels.

The Rangers record is 38-50 under the Daniels regime this year. They are 17 games out of first, but only three games out of last.

Texas Ranger fans......welcome to the world inhabited by Chicago Cub fans.

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