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Why walk the dog?

Louie enjoying a ride in the car.
Louie enjoying a ride in the car.
Amanda Aldridge

Get up and get out! Your dog needs at least an hour and a half of walking, everyday. Walking has many benefits for you and your pet. For dogs it helps them get out lots of stored up energy and explore for a while. For us it relaxes the mind, and lets us have time to sort out thoughts.

Mix up where you go. It’s great to go experience a new place, especially if you have super senses like dogs do. Taking your pup new places helps them become calm socialized dogs. New places and people are great for keeping your pet in-line. It will teach your dog what to do and what not to do and where to do it. Dogs are social animals and love to make new friends. Take your pup for a walk at a new dog park twice a month.


If a dog has problems with others dogs, the dog is not in the right state of mind. If a dog gets defensive around new animals, we must show them that there is nothing to fear. As I said, dogs are social creatures and need friendship just as much as humans do. And no, you are not enough of a friend for your pet. A dog should not be afraid of other dogs and people. That is what the owner is there for; making sure their pet is comfortable and happy. A dog living in fear is not happy or healthy. So, take that Chihuahua or mini poodle off your lap and let him know he doesn’t have to quiver in fear when he is not touching you. Let them play with the happy-go-lucky lab next door! You must train your pup to be calm.


Walking is very important to training your pup. It shows your pet what he may and may not get away with. When you walk you dog you have the leash, you are guiding them and you can stop them when you want. You are in power, and you dog can feel safe with you. You and your dog are calm and happy.


Someone must be laughing right now, “Calm and happy, on a walk with my dog? No way!”


We gave our pets a home in hope of that special bonding time while walking our dog. Don’t let your pups craziness stop you from getting out there for a nice long, tiring walk. You and your pet will feel great. When you train your pet to walk by your side, respecting your every movement, you and your pet will be at peace.


The health of your pet is all up to do. Happy, healthy pets have happy, healthy owners. So, get up and go for a run. Enjoy the day!



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