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Why wait to start seeking?

     A nurse was speaking. She has been in the business of taking care of the elderly for many years now. The topic of spirituality came up and she went on to tell a story. She said that almost all of the people she has ever cared for get very interested in the here-after as they get closer to that final day. She went on to say how important it is that they have someone to talk to during these times and that these older ones want to feel safe.
     A sermon was given. A man, who is a chaplain, was the one delivering the message. In his words there was a familiar wisdom. He spoke of his work in the hospitals. In the recollected memories were accounts of patients, who did not care about their money or their possessions as much as they desperately wanted to speak with an authority on faith. The chaplain’s bedside calls were filled with people injured and facing surgeries. These patients were scared and when facing the possibility of their death they longed to make a connection; they longed to feel alright.
      Both of these short tales have a common thread, which is when people come close to what they fear is the end it is then that they seek to have some of the most important questions of their life answered. Is there a God? Can I be forgiven? Is there an after-life? Does God love me? Please… Will it be alright? These questions, and the many others, are questions that can be sought earlier; they can be built upon before facing those probable last breaths or those scary times when there really is nothing else but a faith or a lack there of. 

     Truly seeking seekers do go gently into that good night.


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