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Why Vertical Gardening is Sweeping the Nation

Home grown bonanza!
Home grown bonanza!
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Looking for a new hobby that is as healthy as it is enjoyable? We've found it for you!

The idea of vertical gardens actually traces back to Babylon’s hanging gardens. Today, what began in high-end, extravagant garden and floral displays throughout Europe has now bloomed onto back decks and balconies all across America. In fact, vertical gardening looks to be the hottest trend in years.

For vertical gardening to work best, installations need to be both functional and aesthetic. Before embarking on turning your brown thumb green ask yourself a few basic questions. Are you looking for color or some additional foliage of greenery? Do you need to eat healthier, save money and reduce your impact on the environment? Okay great then sounds like you’re ready to be a vertical gardener!

Even the most novice gardener can have success with a vertical gardening system, and the added plus is their jungle artistry looks beautiful inside or outside your home. They also fit perfectly on urban balconies and other small spaces.

Vertical gardens are highly visible and are often viewed as works of art, not to mention the dramatic health benefits of being able to eat the ultimate in farm to plate organic fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Some other benefits to these systems is that they are soil free and require no tilling. It’s also portable and uses less than 10% of the water and land necessary in traditional gardening. That's a 90% savings!

Where can you find one? Recently, vertical gardening systems have been designed and priced for the home marketplace. One of the most popular systems is the Tower Garden and a demonstration video can be found here. The same vertical gardening video can be found at and there's a Facebook group as well that you can find here.

Vertical gardening is also an excellent way to get the attention of young people and introduce them to the many benefits of gardening. Tower gardening is an exciting new past time and everyone from suburbanites, to restaurant owners to young hipsters are helping to define this exciting new trend.

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