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Why use video marketing

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

Video appeals to auditory and visual learners. Not everybody enjoys reading, especially on a computer screen. Besides, people nowadays have had years of “training” in watching television. So watching video online is not much of a change from that favorite activity.

Video increases audience engagement. An ordinary text-and-images web page encourages skimming and scanning. On the other hand, video demands that you sit and pay attention for the duration of the video. This means viewers invest more of their time, energy and attention to consume video content. Such an investment translates into increased engagement with the content - which tends to increase the viewer’s likelihood to comply with the video’s call to action.

Video can forge familiarity and trust. It’s easy to hide one’s identity on the Internet, but not when you’re talking to your audience via video. They can see you, hear you, see your environment, and observe your body language. No wonder viewers feel they know you better after they’ve seen you on video. This develops liking and trust much easier than plain text and static images can.

Video is more effective for certain messages. Have you ever tried explaining how to use, say, Tweetdeck to somebody over the telephone? Or how about through Email?

Sometimes, the best way to teach a skill is by demonstrating it. Video allows you to demo various tasks, from how to butterfly a chicken to how to send pre-scheduled autoresponder messages.