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Why use cloth diapers?

Baby in cloth diaper
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Cloth diapering is becoming more popular and with the new advancements, is now much more user friendly. As a new mom, I find cloth diapers extremely affordable and easy to use. If you're still not sure or need more information, here are some reasons to consider cloth diapers.

  • Save Money. Having a baby doesn't need to be expensive. By choosing cloth diapers, you could save yourself over $3,000 per child. If you have more than one child, you can save your diapers for the next child, thereby saving you even more money!
  • Convenience. No more midnight runs to the store for diapers. If you don't like washing your diapers, there is also a local diaper service that will pick up your dirty diapers, wash them, and bring them back to you.
  • Go Green. It is estimated that over 250,000 trees and 82,000 tons of plastic are used each year to make diapers. Feces that collects in landfills is creating a public hazard and contaminates groundwater.
  • Better for your baby. Disposables are bleached with chlorine as well as dioxin which has been shown to cause cancer, skin diseases and liver damage. The Super-absorbent polysorbate (SAP) crystals cause allergic reaction and skin rashes. Since cloth diapers are made of natural and organic cotten which allows your babies skin to breathe, a rash is almost unheard of.
  • Potty train faster! With cloth diapers, babies feel the wet diaper as opposed to the disposables that absorb so well. This helps your child potty train at least 6 months sooner.
  • Better fit. Modern day cloth diapers use velcro or snaps and often adjust to your baby's individual size. Some cloth diapers even grow with your baby. The better your baby's diaper fits, the less leaks you will have.


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