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Why tummy tucks should not be confused with a weight loss method

The goal of a tummy tuck is to remove excess skin and tighten abdominal muscles
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Over time, tummy tuck procedures have grown widely popular with both men and women. For women, after their childbearing years, this procedure can remove excess skin and tighten their abdominal muscles.

While San Diego tummy tucks continue to be a cosmetic procedure high on the list, surgeons often get asked about weight loss after the procedure.

Most San Diego plastic surgeons will tell potential candidates who seek a consultation for a tummy tuck that it is not a modality for weight loss. While some may lose a bit of weight following surgery, patients may notice an increase in weight due to intraoperative fluid retention. But this weight gain generally disappears a few days or more after surgery.

The important thing to keep in mind is the type of ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery which includes:

*Adult men and women already partaking in a healthy and active lifestyle who are unable to decrease fat deposits or excess skin

*Mothers whose abdominal area cannot be restored to her pre-pregnancy days

*Adult men and women who have redundant skin and a loss of skin elasticity

While cosmetic surgeons encourage patients not to think of tummy tucks as a weight loss pathway, there are times where they may be a drop with the scale numbers. Yet again, this is all dependent on the individual patient in regard to the removal of skin as opposed to subcutaneous fat.

For those with a low body mass index (BMI), they will not see much of a weight loss following the procedure. However, for those with a BMI over 30, they may drop 7 to 10 pounds.

And if liposuction is performed during the tummy tuck, this is also another consideration, as well.

While weight loss should never be the focus of a tummy tuck, those who get one are delighted with their flatter abdomen, slimmer waistline, and overall better looking silhouette.

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