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Why treasure hunt at all?

Aurora T-jet 2+2 Mustang Fastback slot car from 1967 with original box and correct insert.
Aurora T-jet 2+2 Mustang Fastback slot car from 1967 with original box and correct insert.
Photo by: Tim Weigard

People who’ve been treasure hunting for years, browsing the Chicagoland listings week after week and logging onto their local paper’s web site without fail every Wednesday to chart their path for Thursday through Saturday garage sales generally know what they’re doing. But have you ever considered why do they do it?

For veterans and newbies alike, allow your humble Chicago Treasure Hunting Examiner the opportunity to elaborate. To this reporter’s way of thinking, treasure hunting is an immensely more enjoyable alternative to throwing money at the stock market. Being a history buff and not much of a number cruncher, this investor would rather procure and research antiquities than track a company’s business prospects (or lack thereof) in the financial press. Other than the company that gainfully employs him, he couldn’t care less about Corporate America. Likewise, the suits of urban business centers don’t give a hoot about him. It’s fairly obvious they don’t care about anyone other than themselves.

Conversely, your humble buy-low-sell-high coveted object advisor has forged lasting and quite profitable relationships withy any number of local treasure hunters. Be they toy train guys, slot car gear heads, antique dealers, flea market vendors or just regular everyday people looking to make a buck, he’s had a fantastic decades-long experience associating with all of the above.

Camaraderie aside, what big time commodities trader or short seller consistently banks a 50% gain on what’s bought and sold? That’s the underlying attraction to hunting out antiques, collectibles and valuables of every sort. There’s the education that goes along with that buying and selling experience, and don’t forget the thrill of the hunt. Treasure hunting’s got just about everything going for it, and now that the season’s on the cusp of kicking into high gear, check back here 4 to 5 times a week for field guides, venue reviews, and amusing anecdotes from the front. Tomorrow we’ll get back to our series on eBay Selling.